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The Advantages of Much Reading

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    When we entered the elementary school the teacher taught us reading. After nine years of studying we can read very easily. The enjoyment of reading must be renovated seriously. How can we establish that enjoyment? There are many ways t build the hobby of reading.
     Founding libraries is one of the answers. Printing all kinds of cheap books is another way to establish the reading interesting. Newspaper that reach the villages are important means to create reading habit. The government has been working hard to wipe out the illiteracy. The illiteracy is an obstruction of development. The surfing on internet and read many kind of articles is the most popular way nowdays to establish reading habitation.
     Why should reach much? There are many advantages of reading. Books are good teacher. By reading we enlarge our knowledge of everything.
We can absorb the knowledge of the developed countries. We can compare their knowledge with ours. If we feel ours is lower, we can study from them. From them the newspaper people know that American astronouts have landed on the moon. Some books tell us the way to produce much rice and other crops in small land. the use of fertilizers, good irrigation system and good seed are found in the agricultural books. Geography books explain the way to prevent floods in the wet season. They also tell us the danger of blindly wood cutting. The woods may be bare, the earth is not able to hold the rain, and the floods cannot be prevented.
Other books inform us how to cure many kinds of diseases. the discoveries of the new medicine help us live healthili. The ministry of Health explains the advantages of the family planning. Having only two children could make people live happier.
     Books about sports can be found easily. Those books tell us how to practice many kinds of sports correctly.
Reading always gives us a lot of advantages.

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Author: Ikhsan Madjido

A man with an idea to unity people by writing and sharing to each others

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