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The Rebellious of Malin Kundang

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     There is a beach, near South of Padang harbour, which is famous with the legend of ‘Malin Kundang’. Malin Kundang was only a child of a fisherman’s family. His father had passed away, so his mother looked after him. She used to bring him where she went (dikundang-kundang) tha’s why people called him ‘Malin Kundang’.
     When he grew up he asked for his mother that he wanted to be a sailor. His mother’s heart filled with a profound sadness when she realized that his already had made up his mind. She asked for his son to remember her and didn’t forget to look her when he was near home. he promised her that he would return and look for her when he got enough money. 
     Malind Kundang travelled from the fishing village to Teluk Bayur. Teluk Bayur’s was full with boats when he arrived in the city. The sight of the harbour and the ships made Malin Kundang’s heart beat faster. To him, there was one more beautiful than this maritim view. he immediately went searching for a job. Spotting one of the largest ships in the harbour, he went to see the captain and secured himself a job as a member of the ship’s crew. The ship belonged to a rich merchant from Malaysia.
     The ship sailed for a destination past the Malacca Strait. Malin Kundang got to know many islands and islets as he worked his way through as one of crew members on the ship. Because he always delivered the job in an outstanding way, he become soon the captain’s favorite worker. he liked the good natured captain very much. Later, he owned a beautiful ship and became a rich merchant.
     When Malin Kundang was sailing, his mother went to the harbour everyday and hoped that he would return. As the years past by, she grew more impatient. She felt that she was growing older with each day and that her movements were slowing down. One day when she was sitting along with her own thoughts, a young girl called her that Malin Kundang was here. She was surprised to see so many people who had left their homes to admire the big, strange ship, said to belong to Malin Kundang. Aided by the girl she got on the deck of the big boat. The girl whispered her that a big man was her son. They approached the man. His mother told him that she was his mother. Malin Kundang didn’t believe that the old woman was his mother because his mother was an admirible woman when he left her. Strong she was with a smile revealing a set of healthy peraly teeth.
     Malin Kundang preferred to know her and retored his mother had never looked like this. She was deeply shocked at hearing the those words. Meanwhile Puan Azizah, his wife appeared on deck when she heard the commotion outside. Depply ashamed now that his mother was an unpresentable postion, Malin Kundang denied her existence even more. She was a beggar. These words killed his mother’s sadness. She told that she didn’t come to beg, but she wanted to see her son.
     Malin Kundang ordered the guards to take this old woman from his boat and never allow her on his ship. the young girl’s quivering voice urged her to get out off the beutiful ship. Many people were witness of the cruel treatment of Malin Kundang to his mother. Malin Kundang ordered the crew to leave this place immediately.
     to be continued………

Author: Ikhsan Madjido

A man with an idea to unity people by writing and sharing to each others

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