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Ecolabelling? Because We Care of Our Ozone

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Consumers are now increasingly concerned for the environment. Concern was not solely due to the environmental aspects alone, but also because it is driven by health considerations. Wastes that pollute the environment will degrade the quality of the environment, will ultimately turn out to be a threat to human health.

Leakage of ozone as a human behavior that are not environmentally friendly. Leakage of ozone will cause increased geothermal, solar ultraviolet rays are not produced anymore as it should be filtered so that threaten the health of inhabitants of the earth. Research has shown, it can cause skin cancer. The tropical forest exploitation unwise cause environmental damage. Floods and landslides occur everywhere. At the same time, reduced ground water supply, causing drought.
To maintain the durability of the ozone layer of the leak, the world community has been pressing the industry and the public not to consume the world of consumer products that use CFCs (Chlorofluoro-carbon) or Freon. CFC or Freon, previously used as an item in the freezer and cooler air Conditioning (air conditioner). If ozone is leaking then the ultraviolet rays from the sun will pass to the earth so dangerous to human safety, such as the threat of skin cancer.
Awareness that cause global consumer demand that products do not contain contaminants, and processed products are environmentally friendly. Kesadaran itu melahirkan tuntutan ekolabel. The awaranes produces to the demands of ecolabel.
Ecolabel is a label, marking, or certification of products that provide information to consumers that the product life cycle in the negative environmental impacts are smaller than other similar products without a label marked with an ecolabel. Product life cycle includes the acquisition of raw materials, the loading, distribution, utilization, disposal, and recycling. Ecolabel information used by the buyer or prospective buyers in selecting the desired products based on environmental considerations and other aspects. On the other hand, the product providers expect the implementation of environmental labels may influence consumers in making product purchasing decisions.


Author: Ikhsan Madjido

A man with an idea to unity people by writing and sharing to each others

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