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Take Care of Your “Roh”

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One day Abu Bashir was in Masjidil Haram Mosque. He was fascinated watching thousands of people moving around the Ka’bah, listening to their roar of tahlil, prayer beads, and Takbir. He thought how lucky those people. They certainly will get a reward and forgiveness of God. Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq, a famous spiritual leader and one of the great scholars of the family of the Prophet, asked Abu Bashir to have his eyes shut. Imam Ja’far, then rubbed his face. When he opened his eyes again, he was surprised. Around the Ka’ba he saw lots of animals in various kinds—snort, howl, roar. Imam Ja’far said, “How many a wail or scream; how little pilgrimage.”
What was Abu Bashir saw at the first time was the human bodies, the second time were the forms of their spirit. We are creatures that live in two of nature as well. Our bodies live in the physical universe, bound in time and space. The ulama call this the physical universe as nasut nature, nature that we can see and we felt, we can use our senses to feel it. Meanwhile, our spirits live in the metaphysical nature, not bound in time and space. The ulamas call this nature as an angelic nature. According to the Koran, not only humans, but everything has its angelic. “Maka Mahasuci (Allah) yang di tangan-Nya malakut segala sesuatu. “The Holy One (God) is in His hand all things angelic. Dan kepada-Nyalah kamu dikembalikan.’ And unto Him ye will return. ” (QS. Yasin 83); ‘Dan demikianlah kami perlihatkan kepada Ibrahim, malakut langit dan bumi.” (QS. Al-An’arn 75) (Surah Yasin 83); ‘And so we showed to Abraham, angelic heaven and earth. “(Surat al-An’arn 75)
Our spirit, because it is located in the angelic nature, can not be seen by the our naked eyes. Spirit is the inner part of ourselves. He can only be seen by the inner eye. There are some among men who can see ghosts themselves or others. They can look to the angelic nature. This ability was obtained because they have trained eyes riyadhah batinya with spirituality or by grace of God (al-mawahib al-rabbaniyyah). Para Nabi, para walli, dan orang-orang saleh seringkali mendapat kesempatan melihat ke alam rnalakut itu. The Prophet, the walli, and pious people often get a chance to visit the malakut nature.


Author: Ikhsan Madjido

A man with an idea to unity people by writing and sharing to each others

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