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Topo Ledo: Members of Adat Pitunggota

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Topo Ledo is one of the sub-ethnic group of Ethnic Kaili. The seven of  sub-ethnic of  Kaili Ethnic, are Topo (the person / user language)  Ledo, Topo Ija, Topo Ado, Topo Unde, Topo Rai, Topo Da’a dan Topo Tara.

Topo Ledo originated from the mountains to the east on the hill called Lando Raranggonao Paneki.  Topo Ledo now residing in the town of Palu District toward the south until the river Wera Dolo to the west.
Meanwhile, he has Topo initially settled in the north of Lake Lindu in the slope of the mountain known as Leu, Siloma, Volau, Uwemalei, and Sigi Pulu. Sekarang ini To Ija, bermukim di Bora, Watunonju, Oloboju dan dataran Palolo serta Sibowi Kabupaten Sigi.  Nowdays Topo Ija  settle in Bora, Watunonju, Oloboju and plains of Palolo and  Sibowi Sigi District.
In addition, Topo Ado initially settled on the slopes of the mountains to the east southeast. But now they live in residential areas south of Topo Ledo, towards the southern boundary with Tuva Kuala Kuala Saluki and Bangga village boundaries.

To Unde who originally settled in the mountain slopes and mountain Kangihui and Kayunaya. Topo Unde now generally settled in Banawa district, and South Banawa Donggala.
Topo Rai at first, lived on the slopes of  Parampata or Pombere Basa. Now, Topo Rai generally live from Banawa District of North Palu district towards the north up to Balaesang.
Topo Tara was originally settled in the mountain slopes east of Palu in the northern part of settlement Topo Ledo.  Nowdays they are  residing in the District of Topo Tara Parigi, Sausu, sebagiam Kecamata Ampibabo, as well as some village in Palu District East / South.
While Topo Da’a, well known as  To Lare, continued to live in the west of Palu and the district Marawola, Kinovaro and Pinembani.
Interestingly, the seven of  sub-ethnic groups also have seven Indigenous Council called Pitu Nggota, namely:  Magau in Sigi, Galara in Banawa, Pabisara at Pulu, Baligau in Dolo, Jogugu in Dolo, Punggava in Pinombani and Capita in Behoa.
This seven sub-etnics  was established seven sub kingdoms in the land of Kaili, namely: The Kingdom Pujananti in Ganti, Kingdom Tatanga in Palu, the Kingdom Baloni in Sigi, Kingdom Tinombani in Dombu, the Kingdom Sidiru in Sibalaya, kindom Parampata Pemantoa in Sindue and the Kingdom Sausu or Parigi.
Each kingdom reign autonomously carry out but still attached to the position and function within their respective traditions. But nevertheless, the battle group should never happen kingdom. This can happen because each kingdom obey a binding customary law.


Author: Ikhsan Madjido

A man with an idea to unity people by writing and sharing to each others

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