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Between Mbah Maridjan, Mentawai, DPR and Comparative Study

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Mbah Maridjan was dead. His body was found in a state of prostration in his private room. Mbah Maridjan, according to King Keratton Ngayogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, is a good figure and a very responsible man. Minister of Religious Affairs, Ali Suryadharma argues that Mbah Maridjan gives inspiration and exemplary for all the leaders and youth of the nation. In addition to praise from Sri Sultan and Minister of Religious Affairs, various people also provide an appreciation of the courage and consistency of Mbah Maridjan in performing his duties as a kuncen of Mount Merapi. Baca Selengkapnya…
On the other hand, to reinforce the discussion of Bill (the Bill) Flats, as many as 16 members of Commission V of the House of Representatives quietly on Tuesday (10/26/2010) has left for Italy to perform comparative study on the management of the apartment. They do not convey to the public their departure plans, as already outlined by the leadership of council. The representatives of the people go abroad in the middle of Mount Merapi disaster and the Mentawai Islands tsunami. Their attitude clearly no longer care about the calamities befall by the people. What is sadder is an expression of one of member of the council that the disaster was the risk to be borne by the people. Sungguh suatu pernyataan yang menurut pakar komunikasi politik, Yunarto Wijaya, adalah bentuk ketidak empatian dan simpatik lagi para tokoh politik terhadap penderitaan rakyat. What a statement that according to political communications expert, Yunarto Wijaya, is a form of non empatian and sympathetic to the suffering of the people of political figures.

Budget spent on this study activities is almost Rp. 19 trilyun. 19 trillion. A number that is far beyond than the budget allocated for disaster relief.

The courage and the consistency of the innocent and naive and just paid Rp. 5.00 of Mbah Maridjan, seems more feasible and deserve to be valued and respected than the members of the House of Representatives who are well educated and highly paid, who prefers to go to carry out a comparative study that only wasted a state money.
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Author: Ikhsan Madjido

A man with an idea to unity people by writing and sharing to each others

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