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Menang Besar, Persipal Berpeluang Lolos


Kudus, ISKNEWS.COM – Persipal Palu berpeluang besar menjadi juara grup sekaligus mengunci tiket babak 32 besar Putaran Nasional Liga 3 musim 2017. Hal itu tak terlepas dari hasil luar biasa yang ditorehkan Agus Setiawan dan kawan-kawan, setelah mampu menang telak 0-5 atas PS Balangan, Rabu (29/11/2017).

Pada laga kedua babak play off Liga 3 yang digelar di Stadion Wergu Wetan Kudus itu, Persipal langsung menggebrak dengan melakukan serangan cepat. Beberapa kali tendangan mengarah ke gawang lawan, namun hingga 10 menit awal belum membuahkan hasil.

Gol yang ditunggu akhirnya tercipta pada menit 15 melalui striker andalannya M Ikbal. Tendangan yang tak terlalu keras tidak mampu diantisipasi kiper PS Balangan Yudestera.

Hanya membawa 13 pemain membuat PS Balangan semakin tertekan. Serangan yang dilancarkan tim asal Pulau Kalimantan itu tak betpengaruh sama sekali bagi Persipal Palu.

Menit 26 dan 28 pelatih PS Balangan memasukkan dua pemain pengganti, untuk mengejar ketertinggalan satu gol. Bukannya menyamakan kedudukan PS Balangan justru kembali kebobolan. Lagi-lagi melalui kaki pemain nomor 10 M Ikbal.

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Los Merengues stunningly brilliant: Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, 2013 El Clasico: Final score 3-1

Real Madrid are heading to the final of the Copa del Rey on the back of an all-around spectacular performance by manager Jose Mourinho and all of Los Blancos’ players. They dominated Barcelona throughout the match and never looked like losing.

A masterful tactical plan from Jose Mourinho, a brilliant performance by all of his players and another impotent attacking display from Barcelona have all come together to send Real Madrid to the final of the Copa del Rey. Los Merengues scored in three different ways to win 3-1 at the Camp Nou on Tuesday night, winning the tie 4-2 on aggregate and producing arguably the most impressive result they’ve achieved against the Blaugrana during the Mourinho era.

Lionel Messi had a brilliant chance after just two minutes, but missed his opportunity to undo Real Madrid’s gameplan before they got settled into the match. Pedro did brilliantly on the right wing to play him into space, but Barca’s No. 10 couldn’t get his shot on target from eight yards.

As Madrid settled into their defensive shape, attacking opportunities dissipated for the Blaugrana, and the visitors looked well in control of situations without the ball following the Messi miss. However, Barcelona put together a decent attack in the 12th minute, when Ronaldo fell asleep defensively and allowed Dani Alves too much space, eventually leading to a foul on Andres Iniesta on the edge of the box.

Unfortunately for them, that free kick went nowhere, and the ensuing Madrid counter attack led to their goal. A brilliant run down the flank from Ronaldo led to a one-on-one situation in the penalty area against Gerard Pique. The Barcelona defender was fooled by Ronaldo’s stepovers and attempted a tackle just a hair late, catching Ronaldo and getting none of the ball. Ronaldo stepped up and sent Jose Manuel Pinto the wrong way before burying the penalty, putting his side ahead 1-0 on the night and 2-1 on aggregate.

The game became a wide open and frenetic affair late in the first half, with both teams pushing hard for a goal, while simultaneously looking confident in their back lines to cut out dangerous attacks. Alvaro Arbeloa and Carles Puyol picked up yellow cards in the dying minutes of the half as things got chippy, but neither team looked much like scoring, despite the open nature of the match. At the very end of the period, Jordi Alba took a slight shove in the back from Arbeloa and attempted to milk a second yellow for the Madrid right back out of the situation, to no avail.

Barcelona had the first big chance of the second half, when Diego Lopez was forced into a save on a long shot by Sergio Busquets in the 52nd minute and Fabregas missed on a follow-up attempt, but that would be the closest they would come to looking like they could win the tie. Just five minutes after failing to capitalize on that opportunity, they were destroyed by a Madrid counter that put the tie to bed.

Los Merengues turned defense into attack instantly in the 57th minute, when Sami Khedira played a long ball upfield following a blocked Barcelona shot. Angel Di Maria won the race to the ball, then made an incredible dribbling move to cause Puyol to fall down. Pinto saved his shot, but Cristiano Ronaldo was unmarked on the follow-up, and had all the time he wanted to settle the ball and finish comfortably.

If that goal didn’t end the match, the one Raphael Varane scored 11 minutes later certainly did. With Barcelona pressing forward even harder than normal, they were left susceptible to counter attacks, and Madrid won a corner on a surge forward. Mesut Özil took and found the head of Varane, who rose up above everyone and powered and absolutely spectacular header into the net, scoring his second goal in as many matches against the Blaugrana.

Barcelona attempted to claw their way back into the game with an array of attacking substitutions, but with Madrid three goals ahead and with an advantage on away goals, their incentive to take risks in attack was gone. Even so, Mourinho’s men continued to look dangerous on the counter for the rest of the match. They switched off late, allowing Jordi Alba to net a consolation goal for the Blaugrana in the 89th minute.

There is another Clasico looming at the weekend, but it matters very little compared to this game. With Barcelona already having virtually wrapped up the La Liga crown, this was the biggest match of Madrid’s season to date. They’ve salvaged an otherwise lackluster season with this victory, and will be favorites to win the Copa del Rey final, even if their local rivals Atletico Madrid, who are currently above them in the league, are the other finalists.

Sorce: http://www.sbnation.com/soccer/2013/2/26/4032842/barcelona-vs-real-madrid-2013-el-clasico-final-score-result-copa-del-rey

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Raphael Varane Equalizes for Madrid, El Classico 2013 Final Score 1 – 1

Raphael Varane’s late goal has given his team hope heading to the Camp Nou on Copa del Rey semifinal edition of El Clasico (30/1/2013).

Real Madrid will go to Camp Nou having merely drawn at home and given up an away goal, which is hardly an ideal situation. But given the way they started the second half against Barcelona on Wednesday and the players that they were without, they’ll be pleased to still be very much in their Copa del Rey semifinal tie after a 1-1 draw.

The hosts got off to an extremely lively start and looked very up for the match from the start. Inside of the first minute, Cristiano Ronaldo was hauled down just outside the penalty box by Gerard Pique, who was shown a yellow card. Ronaldo’s free kick was right to the center of the goal, but swerved wildly and forced Jose Manuel Pinto into a great save.

Xavi had a couple of excellent chances just before the half-hour mark and was unlucky not to score. After a foul by Ricardo Carvalho on the edge of the area, he smacked a brilliant free kick off the crossbar. Three minutes later, he had a shot cleared off the line by Raphael Varane, who had an absolutely brilliant day at the back for Madrid.

Real Madrid had the better chances in the final 15 minutes of the first half, and required a brilliant challenge by Dani Alves to prevent a goal in the 36th minute. A cross by Jose Maria Callejon looked to be headed for the foot of Karim Benzema, but Alves made a spectacular last-ditch sliding challenge to cut it out.

Benzema had his best chance of the game just after halftime. Michael Essien — who was a contender for man of the match along with Varane and all of Barcelona’s playmakers — started the move with a great tackle on Andres Iniesta to start the move, and the ball eventually found its way to Benzema at the top of the box. He juked Carles Puyol, who fell over, but smoked his shot attempt over the crossbar.

Two minutes later, Lionel Messi made Madrid pay for their missed chances when he set up Cesc Fabregas for Barcelona’s opener. The Madrid backline were a bit unlucky to get caught out by a touch by Messi, who poked a 50-50 ball into the path of Fabregas without bothering to win it or bring it down first. Free on goal, Cesc finished comfortably.

Chances continued to fall for both sides as the second half wore on, with both sets of defenders preventing what would have been easy goals for the attacking players against opponents of lesser quality. Varane did brilliantly to pick a ball off Fabregas in the 56th minute when the Barcelona man should have score, and Pique did the same to Ronaldo in the 66th minute following a cross by Mesut Özil.

Barcelona could have scored more, but they have a few poor misses in the second half. In the 70th minute, Fabregas pulled a shot over the bar off a cutback by Alves. Three minutes later, Fabregas sprung Pedro on a counter-attack, but the Barcelona forward failed to finish an easy one-on-one against Diego Lopez.

In the 81st minute, Varane netted a much needed goal for the hosts to pull them back into the tie. An indirect free kick went to Özil, who swung a great cross into the center of the box. Varane rose up between two Barcelona defenders, winning the ball in the air easily and directing a fantastic header to the near post that Pinto was unable to save.

Jordi Alba had a chance to fire his team to victory in the 88th minute, but had his shot saved by Lopez. Barca will feel comfortable with a 1-1 draw heading back to Camp Nou for the second leg of this Copa del Rey semifinal, but Madrid will go to Catalonia with hope, thanks to Varane.

Source: http://www.sbnation.com/soccer

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Hari Memperingati Belahan Dada Cewek: Hanya ada di Inggris

Hanya mengenakan pakaian dalam, dan bra, puluhan wanita cantik, mengikuti pawaihari belahan dada yang dirayakan di Ibukota Inggris, London, pada hari ini.

Awalnya aktivitas di sekitar Jalan Oxford, tempat pawai itu digelar, berlangsung seeperti biasa. Namun tiba-tiba segerombolan wanita yang mengenakan jaket panjang, dan bersepatu hak, itu tiba-tiba secara serentak menanggalkan baju mereka, menyisakan tubuh yang terbungkus pakaian dalam saja.

Sontak, pemandangan yang jarang ditemukan setiap hari itu, segera menyita mata, para pejalan kaki, dan para pedagang yang berjualan di sekitar jalan itu.

Mereka tak menyia-nyiakan momen itu, dengan mengabadikan para wanita seksi itu menggunakan kamera foto, dan kamera video.

Para wanita itu, berkeliling beberapa blok, dan menghentikan kendaraan-kendaraan roda empat yang berlalu lalang.

Menurut pemberitaan The Sun, Jumat sore, para wanita itu dipekerjakan oleh toko pakaian dalam Ann Summer, yang baru saja membuka cabang mereka di Jalan Wardour, yang berada tak seberapa jauh dari tempat para wanita itu berpawai.

Seperti berenang sambil minum air, peribahasa itu tepat dialamatkan kepada para wanita itu, selain mereka merayakan hari nasional belahan dada, mereka bisa mengisi kantong mereka, dengan mempromosikan produk pakaian dalam terbaru toko pakaian dalam Ann Summer.

Hari belahan dada nasional Inggris sendiri, diperingati untuk merayakan kemerdekaan perempuan dan kebebasan mereka dalam karir dan hubungan pribadi.

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I Wish I am Gayus Tambunan: The Lyrics and Video

“Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan”. I wish I am Gayus Tambunan, a funny but fully critical song sung and created by Bona Paputungan, a man from Gorontalo is categorized as a very bravefull song in this year. The componise of the song, according to Tempo news has been terrorize via telephone and has been threated to be murdered for the song.

The video of this song was firstly upload to Youtube, on Friday, January 14th 2011. The video clip of the song is fully critically as its lyrics. This video clip tells about the life of prisoner and the attitude of Gayus  snapping the prison’s gaoler and style of Gayus with glasses and wig as he escaped to Bali watcing tennis competition.

The Lyrics of song:

Andai Aku Gayus Tambunan

Karya : Bona Paputungan

11 Maret

Diriku masuk penjara

Awal ku menjalani

Proses masa tahanan

Hidup di penjara

Sangat berat kurasakan

Badanku kurus

Karena beban pikiran

Kita orang yang lemah

Tak punya daya apa-apa

Tak bisa berbuat banyak

Seperti para koruptor


Andai Ku Gayus Tambunan

Yang bisa bisa pergi ke Bali

Semua keinginannya

Pasti bisa terpenuhi

Lucunya di negeri ini

Hukuman bisa dibeli

Kita orang yang lemah

Pasrah akan keadaan

7 Oktober

kubebas dari penjara

Menghirup udara segar

Lepaskan penderitaan

Wahai saudara

Dan para sahabatku

Lakukan yang terbaik

Jangan engkau salah arah

Back to reff

Biarlah semua menjadi kenangan

Kenangan yang pahit

dalam hidup ini

Back to reff

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Lowering Underwear: The Unique Punishment

Usually, if students in a school made a mistake, for example, came late, absent, or violate other school rules, general forms of punishment in the form of administrative punishment or at most jewer ears

But it is different in Japan. Di salah satu sekolah putri di Jepang ada hukuman yang aneh, kenapa? In one of the girls’ school in Japan, there is a strange punishment, how come? For students who violate the rules of the class were told to lower their underwear. Really? Just look on the  photo below.