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Can a Woman Have Different Kinds of Orgasms?

It was long believed that orgasms that resulted from stimulation of the vagina – as in intercourse – were distinct from those that resulted from stimulation of only the clitoris, which might occur during masturbation or from stimulation by the hand alone. Freud’s theories supported this view of different orgasms; Freud even claimed that in normal sexual development, women moved from an “immature” clitoral response to a “mature” vaginal one. However, Masters and Johnson’s data refuted this view and revealed that orgasms are physiologically the same, regardless of the source of stimulation. Thus, there is only one kind of orgasmic response in women.



The Best Sex Positions To Make A Woman Orgasm Quicker

Any woman is able to orgasm quickly when she’s being fondled during penetration. Sensations from penetration and fondling combine, leading to an intense orgasm that will leave her stunned. So where should a man touch a woman to get her off fast? Some women prefer breast stroking, while some women like torrid kissing, but the true secret to a quick orgasm is clitoral touching during sex.

<!–moreread more…–>However, doing this is easier said than done. The usual sex positions (like missionary) require you to use one or both hands to balance. Some men also find it difficult to do another task when foreplay is over and sex is in full swing. A remedy to this is to get into sex positions that allows touching of the clitoris without much effort on the guy’s part. You can also get into a sex position that will make it easier for the woman to reach her clitoris and stimulate herself without getting too tired.

Here are three sex positions that will do the trick.

Coital Alignment

Despite the technical term for this sex position, it’s pretty simple. The man lies directly on top of the woman and penetration angle is similar to that in the missionary position. However, in the coital alignment position, a man’s pubic region is pressed against the woman’s. This makes it seem like he’s grinding or rocking to and fro, rather than pulling in and out. The rhythmic grinding on the woman’s clitoris will induce orgasm quickly. One more benefit to this technique is that you can kiss her lips and moan into her ear while you’re in this position.

Woman On Top

This position will do more than help a woman to reach climax faster, it will increase the intensity of her orgasm. This is much like the coital alignment position but instead of the man being on top, the woman stays on top. The woman can lean her torso forward, arch her back, and keep her crotch in constant contact with the base of his penis or his pubic region. In this position, she can control the rhythm as well as the depth of penetration. Moreover, she can press down on the man’s pubic region so that her clitoris is sensitized by rubbing on his skin.

Doggy Style

In this position, a girl can play with her clitoris all she wants while you penetrate her. Dog style is a sex position that lets the girl touch her body herself with one hand while balancing with the other. She can also free up both hands by balancing with her shoulders and head. If you really want to give your girl the best orgasm of her life, these sex positions I mentioned will help you find a way to touch her clitoris during sex. The clitoris is very sensitive, and any girl will tell you that the clitoris plays a big role to inducing orgasm during masturbation.

(By Lee Jenkins, author Female Orgasm Black Book, taken from: http://www.askdanandjennifer.com)